Purchasing Tools

In line with the best current practices in the industry, BBVA Group is committed to a digital relationship model with its suppliers, both for the comprehensive management of the supply cycle through the Adquira platform, which is integrated with GPS, and for the digital signature of contracts.

This platform is managed by Adquira España, S.A., a company where BBVA Group is one of the shareholders along with other shareholders outside BBVA Group, and is the Supplier Portal used by BBVA Group to manage the different procurement processes through a collaborative environment.

The use of this Portal gives BBVA users and suppliers a higher control, visibility and transparency of the different processes, as well as agility and compliance of payment terms and conditions.


The Supplier Portal and E-invocing offer the benefits derived from digital relationship models (agile and efficient operations, information management optimization):

Process automation

  • Agility and simplification of processes
  • Greater process control and efficiency
  • Provides end-to-end purchasing processes traceability

Invoice Recording

  • Automation and elimination of manual tasks
  • Reduced invoice processing and management time
  • Improve payment deadlines compliance


  • On-line communication
  • Elimination of printed invoice archiving and safekeeping costs

Information integrity

  • Greater invoice control and traceability
  • Improve service and payments for suppliers

Operational Risk

  • Reduced number of errors and improved response time
  • Full automatic validation of invoices (structure, authenticity, integrity and content)