How we buy

BBVA Group has a Global Procurement Process Model that has been common and homogeneously implemented in the different countries.

How we buy

This Global Model covers the procurement process end-to-end: from budget elaboration and approval to suppliers invoice payment, and is carried out in the same technological platform for all the countries.


In order to manage all the different negotiation processes that BBVA Group has in the different countries, our buyers have a deep knowledge of the different markets and suppliers.

BBVA Group uses Adquira electronic platform to manage the different purchasing processes

This Model is implemented and applied homogeneously in the different BBVA Group purchasing organizations. However, depending on the products/services requested and the market conditions, the negotiation process can be done by holding or local purchasing teams.

The purchasing process begins with the business unit product/service request and ends with the award and contract elaboration.

Brief description of BBVA Group Global Procurement Model process:


    • The process starts with the annual budget (investment & spend) elaboration and approval.
    • Demand management process details and aggregates the annual needs of the technical and business units in order to prepare the annual purchasing plan.
    • Throughout the year, the business units will raise different spend requests in order to fulfill their product and service needs.
    • In general, as part of the procurement process for the acquisition of goods and contracting of services, BBVA Group may carry out a supplier certification process to validate the suppliers with whom we work. The purpose of this process is to ensure that suppliers have the productive, technical, financial, legal and commercial capacity required by BBVA Group to meet the contract requirements in terms of quality and service levels and costs, and to check that suppliers share the same Social Responsibility values as the Group. The collection of all the information required to carry out the certification process is managed through Adquira Supplier Certification electronic platform.

The Procurement Model is implemented and applied homogeneously in the different BBVA Group purchasing organizations

  • To carry out the negotiation process, BBVA Group uses Adquira Podium, the electronic platform where RFIs, RFQs, RFPs, auctions and awards are done.
  • Negotiation processes are awarded to the supplier/s that best fulfill the purchasing needs required, considering both technical specifications and budget initially approved.
  • All the product/service terms and conditions awarded are formalized in a legal document (contract, framework agreement or purchase orders) issued in GPS before the delivery of the product or beginning of the service.
  • Once the goods and services are delivered, the business unit confirms that the terms and conditions are the ones stipulated in the contract and that the invoice can be paid.
  • Invoices are registered and paid considering the purchase order number and the business unit product/service acceptance. Invoice payments are done based on the payments terms and conditions established in the purchase order.
  • The different operational processes (orders management, acceptance of goods and services, invoice registration and payment) are managed through Adquira Marketplace electronic platform.
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